Fix Your Leaking Pipes Before They Cause Damage

Fix Your Leaking Pipes Before They Cause Damage

Ask us about our leak repair services in Rowlett & Garland, TX

If you have a leak or damaged pipe that doesn't get fixed right away, you could be looking at costly water damage. Turn to Compass & Lantern Plumbing Solutions when you have a burst pipe. We provide pipe repair and replacement services in Rowlett, Garland, TX and the surrounding areas.

Pipes can burst due to strain, severe weather or movement in your house or foundation. When it happens in your home, act fast. Call 214-878-0079 right away to get pipe repair services. We'll get the situation under control in a timely manner.

A leaky fixture is an expensive fixture

Leaky faucets or dripping shower heads can be more than an annoyance. When left unrepaired, your monthly water bill will skyrocket. Don't let all that money go down the drain-schedule leak repair services in Rowlett, Garland, TX or the surrounding areas.

The trained professionals at Compass & Lantern Plumbing Solutions will troubleshoot and resolve your fixture issue ASAP. Reach out to us right now to get the ball rolling on your leak repair service in Rowlett & Garland, TX.