Stop Losing Heat in Your Shower

Stop Losing Heat in Your Shower

Set up water heater repair service in Rowlett & Garland, TX

Have your showers been going cold within the first few minutes? Have you noticed water pooling around your water heater? If you need work done on your water heater, turn to the experts at Compass & Lantern Plumbing Solutions. We provide water heater installation and repair services in the Rowlett & Garland, TX area.

You can trust us to work on a range of water heater types, including:

  • Tankless
  • Traditional
  • Electric
  • Gas
  • Solar


Our water heater repair and installation services in Rowlett & Garland, TX cost far less than our competitors’. Even though you’re paying less, you won’t have to worry about receiving anything less than outstanding service.

Call us today at 214-878-0079 to get your hot water going again.


When should you repair or replace your water heater?

Whether your water heater is leaking or the heating components are malfunctioning, Compass & Lantern Plumbing Solutions can resolve any issue you're experiencing. Get ahold of us if:

  • You smell a sulfur-like odor when you turn on your water.
  • Your hot water pressure is low or inconsistent.
  • Your water heater is rusted or leaking.
  • You lose hot water sporadically.

We provide water heater repair services when it's more cost-effective to fix the unit. If replacing it would be more affordable in the long run, we'll install a newer, more efficient model for you. Schedule water heater installation or repair services in Rowlett & Garland, TX or the vicinity right now.